Cross Contamination is an Ongoing Challenge in Healthcare

Hospital-acquired infections are an ongoing challenge in healthcare. Transmission of microorganisms via the hands of healthcare personnel is one of the main cause of hospital-acquired infections.

The new and innovative SafeDon Hygiene System is an alternative means of glove-dispensing, which studies prove reduces the risk of cross contamination.

SafeDon’s unique dispensing system solves many problems

Various studies show that bacterial and mould contamination is reduced up to 95,9% on gloves dispensed from the SafeDon Hygiene Dispensing System.

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Benefits of the SafeDon™ Hygiene Dispensing System

Why SafeDon™ makes so much sense:

The Problem

Touching the areas surrounding the opening of the box with contaminated fingers whilst dispensing gloves, leads to cross contamination of the box and the donned gloves, which then go on to touch the patient.

The Solution

The SafeDon™ Hygiene Dispensing System allows the gloves to be individually dispensed Cuff 1st  from the bottom of the box. This prevents contact with the box, other gloves in the box and the critical surfaces such as the fingers, thumbs and palm areas of the gloves, therefore greatly reducing the risk to the patients.

How does it work?

How to reduce cross contamination substantially in two simple steps:

Step 1

Dispense the first glove with your dominant hand and don your second hand

The important guiding principle is:

“CUFF 1st”!

Step 2

Dispense the second glove with your gloved hand and don your dominant hand. The contamination of the gloves is reduced to the minimum.

Benefits at a glance

Risk reduction

Dispensing Cuff 1st from the bottom of the box prevents contact with the fingers and palm areas of the gloves.

Time efficient

The user-friendly system enables simple and quick removal of gloves from the box.


The closed packaging system prevents airborne-contamination.

Waste reduction

Individual dispensing of gloves reduces accidental removal of gloves and consequent waste. Compact box shape and size reduces logistic costs and cardboard waste.

Customer Insights

„SafeDon is probably the most cost effective and environmental friendly exam glove packing system available in the industry today.“

Bent H. Christiansen
DMedical - Norway

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